Root Canal Therapy


“Endodontic” means within the tooth. It is the treatment of the canal or pulp chamber that lies in the middle of the tooth and its root. When completed, the treated teeth generally act and feel just like your other teeth and have an excellent chance of remaining in your mouth for as long as your other teeth.

Reconstructive Crowns, Bridgework And Cerec Crowns

Crowns, Bridges And Cerec Crowns

A combination of crowns and bridges can be used to effectively reconstruct your smile giving you full function and improving the shape and colour of your teeth. As discussed in the restorative section of this website, a crown is used to restore a tooth and a bridge is used to replace a missing tooth.

In most areas of the mouth where aesthetics are important, crowns and bridges can be made of entirely Porcelain, Zirconia or Porcelain fused to metal. Where metal free Ziconia or Emax porcelain bridges can be constructed we can ensure there are no dark lines around the gum margins. Porcelain is strong and can be made to match the colour of your natural teeth. You no longer need to accept dark margins and grey gums around crowns!!!

Child with dentist

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers can improve your smile by aligning your teeth and improving the colour. If you have chipped brittle or worn teeth then a veneer can be a fantastic option for your front teeth.

White Fillings

It can be a very confusing decision for a patient to have to contend with when given the option of what filling materials are best.

The materials currently available as direct techniques include:

  • Metal amalgam (Mercury) fillings
  • Composite resin tooth coloured fillings
  • Material available for in direct/laboratory fabricated techniques: Gold or Porcelain (Inlays /Onlays)

At Complete Dental Care we will advise you of the recommended material for your situation.

Many factors and considerations must be taken into account before a decision is made.